1. Djilile (1986) Tamara Anna Cislowska: piano
  2. Peter Sculthorpe wishes the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Happy Birthday
  3. Kakadu (1988) Sydney Conservatorium of Music Orchestra, Eduardo Diazmuñoz: conductor, Didjeridu: William Barton.
  4. Amy Dickson discusses Peter Sculthorpe's Island Songs (2012) for saxophone, strings and percussion.
  5. The Verdehr Trio - Peter Sculthorpe
  6. Sydney Opera House: Peter Sculthorpe's Island Songs (2013) for two pianos and didjeridu

29 April 1929 - 8 August 2014

Peter Sculthorpe was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, and began composing not long after he began learning the piano. He was educated at Launceston Church Grammar School, the University of Melbourne, and Wadham College, Oxford. Sculthorpe first came to international attention with his Sonatina for piano, composed in 1954 and premiered at the 1955 ISCM Festival in Baden-Baden. He has been published by Faber Music since 1965, composing around 400 works during his career, alongside many years as an academic and teacher/mentor to many of Australia's composers and musicians.

Sculthorpe died 8 August 2014, aged 85. He is greatly missed by family, friends, former students, colleagues in Australian music and abroad, and listeners and supporters. Sculthorpe generously bequeathed his estate to the University of Sydney to establish a Chair of Australian Music. This is his legacy, along with a body of work that sought to relocate Australian culture within the Asia-Pacific region of its geography.

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